Pilates Fundamentals

Mary Jo Shear

Having been involved in the fitness industry in Chicago’s North Shore area for 30+ years as an A.C.E. certified trainer and instructor, Mary Jo Higley Shear has always had a passion for movement and fitness.

In 1997, she was introduced to Pilates and became fascinated by its originator, Joseph Pilates and his work that he referred to as Contrology. After trying several forms of Pilates, it wasn’t until Mary Jo studied at the Pilates Connection in Evanston, IL that it all fell into place. There she found the missing link to her years of evolved study. Under the apprenticeship of Rhonda Celenza and Level 1 Instructor, Juanita Lopez, Mary Jo was finally able to experience the knowledge and legacy that Joseph Pilates passed on to his protégé and founder of Romana’s Pilates®, Romana Kryzanowska.